Understanding the use of dermal fillers

woman having a dermal filler procedure

There are many reasons why people may consider undergoing some form of cosmetic procedure to recapture their youthful looks, all these reasons can be seen as valid in the mind of the individual and should not be questioned by others.

As we age our skin starts to lose the natural hyaluronic acid it uses to stay looking healthy and young, this loss can lead to the development of wrinkles, folds, crow’s feet around the eyes, and frown lines. The good news is that modern developments in medical procedures have created a safe and simple way to replace the hyaluronic acid in the skin via injections, making the skin and areas treated look fuller, fresher, and more youthful.

One of the main considerations anyone undergoing this type of treatment needs to be aware of should be around safety, the person providing the treatment must be a fully qualified and trained professional.

Many dental practices up and down the country are now fully trained to offer dermal fillers Kent, meaning their patients can feel confident in the knowledge they are being cared for correctly when receiving the treatment.

A dentist offering cosmetic procedures

It may seem strange to think about visiting a dentist to receive dermal fillers as a treatment, but it is not as strange as many people may think considering their training and education. A dentist spends years learning how to treat areas of the face and gaining a full understanding of the muscles in it, which are tiny and easily damaged.

Since a dentist has trained to give injections into the sensitive areas of the mouth and face, they have the perfect understanding required to apply injection-based cosmetic procedures into the face and other sensitive areas. Others may have been on short training courses, some courses are as short as a day, but questions should be asked about their knowledge or lack of it. When using a dental practice to receive dermal filler treatment many of these questions can be removed from a patient’s mind.

person holding a syringe

An alternative to the fountain of youth

Dermal fillers may be a good choice for those seeking to revisit their looks of earlier years, as the procedures involved are quick, simple, and relatively safe when compared to surgical based procedures such as face-lifts. The treatment normally takes a few minutes, and the full results can be seen within a few days, given that the patient follows medical advice following the procedure.

It is important to recognise that dermal fillers are not a permanent solution, as the results will only last around twelve months. Patients can decide to take a top-up course of treatment if they wish to gain longer effects, this should be discussed with the professional who is overseeing the treatment.

Those who undergo this treatment have reported being incredibly happy with the results and they feel they have experienced a boost in confidence following treatment, this alone means that these treatments are worth other people’s consideration.

Get advice from a professional

Those looking for dermal fillers need to get advice from a fully versed professional trained in the treatment, a dental practice may be the best place to obtain this advice if they offer this type of treatment. While people are not being discouraged to research this subject on the internet in this piece, they are being told not to trust it fully and seek the opinion of a trained professional, as this will lead to a greater understanding of the treatment.


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