Think cosmetic dentistry is all about appearances? Five health benefits of cosmetic dental procedures!


When many people hear the word ‘cosmetic’, images of make-up, nose-jobs and breast augmentation spring to mind.

Of course, while many cosmetic treatments provide the sole advantage of improving the aesthetic of the treated area, there are a few instances where you will also experience an improvement in your physical health as well. For instance, if your nose was slightly off centre, then having it straightened may improve airflow and reduce risks of conditions like sinusitis.

Similar benefits are seen in cosmetic dental options too; while having veneers placed is unlikely to improve your airflow, there are many physical health benefits of undertaking cosmetic dental procedures.

Still unsure about the health benefits of a straighter, whiter smile? Read on to learn about the advantages of visiting a cosmetic dentist which go far beyond just having a whiter smile!

Better digestion

As strange as it may sound, there are various treatments that a cosmetic dentist  can offer you which will improve your digestion.

Indeed, if you have missing teeth or some that are slightly misaligned, treatments with dental implants, and clear or invisible braces can help your teeth to function correctly. By straightening your teeth or filling gaps, you allow your teeth to grind together correctly, breaking down food and reducing the risk of indigestion or acid reflux. Brilliant!

Less sensitivity

If your teeth are sensitive to hot and cold stimuli, a trip to a cosmetic dentist may be just what you need to stop the pain.

Having dental veneers fitted will not only whiten and straighten your teeth, but they will also cover any microscopic holes that cause the sensitivity. Perfect!

Improved sleep


Do you have slightly crooked teeth and often have headaches in the morning? An upper and lower jaw that do not sit together has been linked to increased incidences of nocturnal grinding, which negatively impacts sleep and causes headaches and even migraines!

Straightening your teeth with a cosmetic brace will reduce nocturnal grinding episodes, and allow you to wake up feeling refreshed and headache-free. A much better start to anyone’s day.

Clearer speech

More noticeable in children when their adult teeth are coming through, the position of your teeth or gaps in your mouth can impact dramatically on the way you talk.

Simply, your teeth hold your tongue in place, and if there are protrusions, misalignments or gaps, your tongue is more likely to move in an disorganised manner, leading to speech impediments and lisps. Filling those gaps and straightening your teeth will hold your tongue in place, clearing both your speech patterns, pronunciation, and inflexion.

Enhanced oral health

And of course, one of the main advantages of any cosmetic dental work is the overall improvement in your oral health.

Gaps filled with dental implants cannot harbour bacteria, leading to a lower incidence of gum disease and tooth decay. Cracks covered by veneers reduce the likelihood of infections and cavities, meaning overall, both your oral and general health will improve. Now that’s something worth smiling about!


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