The Construction Equipment You Can’t Do Without

construction project

If you’re planning to set-up your own construction company, you need to hire people, secure the necessary business permits, and buy construction equipment to prepare for the various projects might receive.

When it comes to such equipment, you must decide whether you’ll just rent or invest in buying them for your start-up company. If you have a limited budget, you should consider renting the different equipment that you lack and then gradually buy them once your finances free up.

If you do decide that you’ll shell out the capital outlay for such hardware, you should first canvass for equipment like plate compactors, graders, backhoes, skid steer loaders, and dump trucks. You should purchase at least one for each of these pieces of construction equipment to ensure that you can handle the various tasks at hand. But these are the six different construction equipment that you should invest in to kickstart your start-up construction firm.

Plate compactor

This piece of equipment might seem to be insignificant, but any construction firm needs to purchase a plate compactor for sale to compress all kinds of soil and gravel. The main equipment is a lawn-mower sized machine with a steel plate mounted on the base.

Backhoe loader

A backhoe loader is one of the priciest investments you’ll make to set up your fleet, but its uses will be worth its hefty price tag. This equipment is essentially a combination of a tractor, a loader, and a backhoe and used for loading dirt, gravel, and other materials. It is also ideal for digging up building foundations, trenches or ditches, and preparing roads for paving or cementing.


A grader is another indispensable construction and maintenance equipment that you should strive to purchase. You could use this equipment to ready an area before asphalting or pouring of concrete for roads and driveway. Graders are also used for setting the foundation of buildings before construction comes in full swing. There are graders with flat blade fronts, while some have large-size fork fronts. These can be manipulated to work towards very precise angles to achieve the desired grade for different purposes.

Dump truck

dump truck

Once you’ve dug the foundations for the building you’re constructing, you need a dump truck to move the earth, rock, and other debris from the construction site to the nearest disposal facility. If your budget permits, you should buy at least two or three dump trucks since you’ll probably move tons of debris with every project. Having just one could slow down your progress due to the snail pace by which you’re transporting on-site rubbish to designated dumping sites.

Skid steer/multi-terrain loader

This is one shifty construction equipment due to its ability to turn around like a tank would, which is especially convenient when working on a site with limited elbow room. A skid steer loader moves around on wheels, while the multi-terrain loader has tracks that make it ideal for use in snow and mud. Both of these loader types can transport different loads such as logs, earth, rubble, and the like.

Tamping rammer

If you’re working on a site where the soil is cohesive, a tamping rammer is an important tool. What it does is apply brute force towards the soil to remove air and water to make it compact. Compacting soil is critical when preparing building foundations, driveways, and roads to ensure that the structure or surface that would be built over the soil sits on solid footing. This stability is key, especially when you’re building heavy structures or multi-storey edifices that require a solid foundation.

Of course, you can always start renting these machines before you buy one. But you could also slowly invest in each so you could also build a fleet that you could lease to other firms when you are on a break.


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