Straighten your smile without anyone noticing, using Invisalign


What is this treatment?

When thinking about orthodontic treatments the usual images that come into mind are those of chunky, metal train-track braces or unsightly head contraptions which belong only in the movies. Few people think of clear, removable retainers which are barely visible to the naked eye. After all, surely this is only a dream? WIth modern advances in both dental knowledge and technology, combined with a grasp of the cosmetic implications of having the teeth straightened, orthodontic treatments have developed considerably allowing patients to smile with pride whilst undergoing treatment.

Invisalign Wagga are transparent retainers which have been custom made to the specifications of a patient’s own teeth. Using 3D digital scans along with photographs, X-rays and physical examinations, these retainers are developed to fit snugly to your teeth ensuring that the cosmetic appearance remains as natural as possible.

Is this treatment for you?

For those who wish to straighten and perfect their smile, but are lacking in the confidence to wear a visible brace, these retainers provide you with the perfect solution. Wishing to improve the confidence of your smile, but not taking the leap can be just as devastating to your self-esteem and overall self-worth, which is why this invisible treatment could work wonders for you.

Whilst it would be marvellous to decide on a treatment or procedure and just dive straight in there are a few discussions and checks that need to take place first. Therefore once your decision to smarten up your smile has come to light, your dental team will need to discuss whether or not the treatment suits your individual case and a consultation will be booked in.

wearing invisalign

Why might I not be a suitable candidate for this treatment?

For those suffering from severe tooth misalignment or overcrowding it may be that other orthodontic treatments would be more suitable. This will always be discussed with you by your dental team and in some cases it may be that one style of treatment begins the realignment process, but at a certain point the clear retainers could take over. For those interested in this option please discuss in detail with your dental team.

How long do the aligners need to be worn for?

Whilst the duration of the treatment will always depend on the individual case, the length of time the retainers are to be worn each day remains the same for each patient. These custom-made retainers are to be kept in place for around 22 hours a day, with removing them being purely for times of food consumption and the daily oral hygiene processes. Removing during these times ensures that the teeth continue to receive a thorough clean whilst also eliminating the potential of debris getting caught up within the retainer.

Your commitment

Whilst having retainers which can be removed by the patient may seem like a dream solution, it is important to understand that if the retainers are removed frequently or for long periods of time the entire process will be delayed and setbacks will occur. This process requires a large amount of teamwork from both the dental team and patient, so committing to the entire process is of the utmost importance for results.

Disclaimer: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


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