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People have 3 years from the moment of injury to make a claim against a person or company that may be responsible for said injury. The sooner an individual is able to make the claim the easier it will be to handle the case as circumstances are still fresh in the mind of the victim. However, should someone decide a little after the fact (before 3 years is over) that they should, in fact, pursue legal proceedings, then solicitors in Portsmouth can also help build a case in favour of the plaintiff.

What is a personal injury claim?

If a person in England or Wales suffers from an illness, physical injury or psychological problems due to the negligence of another, then the person who has suffered may pursue legal action against the other in order to gain financial compensation for their suffering. It is also possible to apply these UK laws to incidents that may have happened outside the borders of the country and it is imperative that a person wanting to make such a claim seek legal council to properly advise them on their claim.

A personal injury claim can be an accident that takes place in a car, in public or at work and how much someone is able to claim for is entirely dependent on the circumstances surrounding each individual case and the types of injuries that were involved. However, compensation will be calculated by adding together the general damages which are awarded for pain, suffering and loss of amenity, and special damages for any financial losses the individual has incurred.


For union members who suffer an injury at work, it may be beneficial to first contact the union who will provide them with legal services in order to take their case forwards. However, a solicitor can provide a no-win-no-fee service which means that individuals can seek representation for their case at no financial risk to themselves should they lose. In such case, should they win, the fees are taken out of the claim so the client never loses any of their personal money in order to make a claim and this financial security is a highly motivating factor for people who have suffered an injury.

The most important things for claimants to do

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Once the claimant had their injuries it is important that they keep all the evidence. Every bit of anything that has to do with the incident from cellphone footage to key eyewitness reports (eyewitnesses are more likely to be helpful soon after the event rather than later on) and medical reports made by consultants or specialists and not just a GP; it is important to be forensic about gathering evidence to give to the counsel even if it seems too small, the solicitors will decide what will be useful or not.

In the case where insurance can cover an injury claim, provided that the claimant has the correct medical paperwork it could be that a compensation payment will be made outside of court, but if the case goes to court it could be 2-4 years before it is completed.


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