So You Want to Be a Freelancer?

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Do you want to be a freelancer? If so, that’s great. You can work on your own pace, set your own rate, take coffee breaks or run errands whenever you want to, and stay in bed while talking to a client. All you’ll need are a reliable computer and a stable Internet connection. Then, you can have your resignation letter from your day job approved. You probably think that it’s all too easy—that’s how it’s been portrayed by the media and internet after all. But if it’s too good to be true, it’s because it is.

While the prospect of freelancing sounds appealing, the truth is that it’s not for everyone. Thus, it’s best to stick to your nine-to-five job if you find yourself in any of the following situations:

  1. You don’t have a financial safety net.
  2. You prefer to focus on your core talent.
  3. You don’t have a dedicated workspace.
  4. You dislike sales and feel uncomfortable with self-promotion.
  5. You struggle with motivation.
  6. You have overall unrealistic expectations.

And while we’re at it, our list of pointers for becoming a successful freelancer has to do with the pointers above. If you want to be your own boss, make sure you do the following:

Prepare for a Tough Start

Freelancing is a business. As with any new business, there are risks to be taken when you venture into freelancing. While there are plenty of benefits to being self-employed, don’t expect the process to be all hearts and flowers. For the first few months, focus on searching for good clients and securing projects, and don’t expect an instant boost in your ROI.

Learn New Things Every Day

When you go freelance, you become the boss of your own company. You are also the accountant, the bookkeeper, the paralegal, the salesperson, and even the janitor of your own workspace. If you lack the passion for learning new things, you might as well leave these tasks to the pros and stick to your nine-to-five job where you can focus on your core skills.

Have a Dedicated Workspace

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When you’re at home, there can be too many distractions, like the TV, the items on your household to-do list, the children (if you’re a parent), or the pets (if you’re a fur mom or dad). Having a dedicated workspace ensures that the people in your house know when you’re busy so that they won’t disturb you during work hours.

It also helps to close the door so that your pets won’t run around. As lovely as they are, they can serve as distractions when working. If you’re anywhere in the Southeast UK, loft conversion design services in Tunbridge Wells can help make your dream workspace come to life.

Schedule Your Breaks

Contrary to popular belief, working from home doesn’t mean that you can do the laundry while completing a task. Scheduling your breaks—and following them—is a great way to ensure you can finish your work and be as productive as you can.

Finally, it helps to set your short- and long-term goals as a freelancer. What do you want to achieve in a day? What about in the long run? A high annual revenue? Secure three clients in a quarter? Whatever your goals are, making a list of goals and committing to meet them can go a long way in ensuring your success as a freelancer.


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