Get that Perfect Look for Your Room: 5 Colour Ideas for Men

white themed men's bedroom

As a student, you might get away with maintaining the natural look of your hostel room. That will, however, not work as a young professional. It is because, at this stage, your space should reflect your new station in life and be conducive for entertaining. Decorating a room might not be as challenging for ladies, but this is not so for young male adults. It does not, however, mean that getting the best looking room as a young male professional is altogether impossible.

Your first step is picking affordable accommodation in London in a neighborhood close to your workplace, major transport routes, and entertainment spots. Doing this, in most cases, will mean a room in the heart of the city. Once you have the perfect place, you should embark on picking the best colour scheme for it. Here are some colour ideas that might work for male rooms.


Tranquility is an essential element for your room after a hard day’s work. Blue-themed rooms will automatically boost your peace of mind and reduce stress because they generate a calming environment. Since most men prefer dark colours, midnight and royal blue are ideal choices. Add some creativity to your room’s overall design with some off-white or white stripes in your linens or tapestries.


This colour is a perfect choice for men intent on a soothing space. Brown is in itself gender-neutral. It is thus easy to adjust your design to something that is pleasantly masculine. Also, several shades of brown can be mixed and matched with the wood elements in your room to create an overall satisfying design. A brown-themed room also has an earth element that makes your space feel and look like home.


modern bedroomThis colour exudes elegance, something that young professionals crave in their wardrobes and general lifestyles. Men drawn to the finer elements in life gravitate towards grey-themed spaces. The best choices in this instance are dark greys like charcoal and ash. These will offset bright accent elements like shears and linens in your area. They also generate an illusion of enjoying the high life to your guests.


Most men will steer clear of white, believing it is hard to keep clean. White, however, offers a clean decorating slate that can be paired with virtually all colours without clashing. Consider settling for off-white and mix it with dark elements to reduce the overall brightness of your space.


Black-themed rooms are profoundly calming and will guarantee a good night’s rest and romantic spaces. The black can be paired with bright accents in light-coloured red, yellow, and white wall dressings. Light blue, red, or blue beddings will keep the room from looking like a dungeon.

Personal preference goes some way in determining the colour you pick for your room. Even so, carefully consider the way you want your guests to perceive you and the atmosphere you aim for when choosing a theme colour. If you pick a well-finished and constructed room, the above colours are sure to exude the perfect look for a young professional.


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