Fried Goodness: Four Easy Ways You Can Enjoy Fried Chicken

fried chicken

Everybody loves fried chicken. It is a classic and delicious dish that many say they can live on it alone. That may be an exaggeration, but you cannot take away the fact that this dish is well-loved by many. Who can resist that crispy skin fried to perfection and that juicy meat with some hints of spices and special sauces.

One great thing about fried chicken is that it can stand on its own. You can enjoy it even without accompanying fare — or so you think. Fried chicken can still get better, especially when paired with dishes that have complementary flavours. You might have already tried fried chicken with the classic dips and sides, but there are still a lot of culinary wonders out there that you can explore. Now is the time to step out of your culinary comfort zone and explore new wonderful flavours.

Pick unusual dips

When it comes to sauces and dips, the first option is usually gravy. But you can always go beyond it. If you are looking to explore new combinations, try sriracha mayonnaise for that spicy punch. The Japanese enjoy their fried chicken — karaage, specifically — by dipping it into Japanese mayo. For that spicy tang, kimchi sauce can also do the trick. If you want your flavours laden with spices, turmeric and curry dips are also available. A creamy concoction in the form of cream cheese is also worth trying.

Don’t set aside the sides

Add new layers of flavours by serving the chicken with delicious sides. Classics include coleslaw and salads. Enjoy fried chicken the Korean way by having kimchi and some pickled vegetables. Source your carbohydrates from mashed sweet potato or French fries. Other popular choices include onion rings, mac and cheese, and corn mix. Try some new combinations at your local Singaporean fried chicken restaurant.

Go for wine


Whether it’s at home or at a fast-food restaurant, many like to pair their fried chicken with fruit juice. But you can take things a notch higher by drinking wine. If your fried meat is hot and spicy, you’d better offset it with the sweetness of rosé. Prosecco can also have the same effect. But if you are looking for a more flexible option, wine enthusiasts recommend champagne.

Try unorthodox preparations

You may think that there is only one way of preparing chicken before deep-frying it. It should start with the marinade. For that tangy yet powerful kick, try marinating the meat in vinegar or apple cider. You can also use curry for flavouring powder. Instead of just salt, you can use soy sauce or fish sauce to give your chicken some flavour.

Fried chicken is one classic dish that has been around for so long. Almost everybody is into it. The great news is that you can always give classics a twist. In this case, you can be creative when it comes to sides, batter, and dips. Drop what’s holding you back and become more adventurous with your options. Better yet, tag your family and friends along so that you’ll have someone to enjoy the explorations with.


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