Key FAQs about invisible aligners answered

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Are you an adult who wants straighter teeth but is less than eager to wear a fitted brace?

Here, 5 common queries that have been asked online about invisible aligners are answered, helping you to learn whether this treatment is the right answer to your orthodontic woes.

How long does treatment with invisible aligners take?

On average, Invisalign Dublin takes around 3-6 months to work in cases where the teeth are mild to moderately misaligned. If you have a more complex case, you may need to wear the aligners for up to 18 months.

I’ve heard of invisible aligner chewies; what are they?

Chewies are small, foam-based chews that can be used by patients wearing invisible aligners. The chewies help to keep the aligners ‘on track’ and reduce air bubbles that can occur between the aligner and your teeth when you put the aligner into your mouth.

Chewing on chewies for around 10-15 minutes a day can help keep your orthodontic treatment on schedule; however, they have not been conclusively found to speed up treatment.

How much do aligners cost on average?

Many factors go into estimating the final cost of an invisible aligner.

For one thing, your dentist will need to determine the severity of your misalignment and estimate how many aligners are needed to correct it; with invisible aligners, the average number is around 14.

Then the time needed in the dental chair and how often you may have to see a dentist whilst wearing the aligners are taken into account. Add these to the cost of fabricating the aligners, and your estimate for treatment may range widely from another person. Of course, the best way to get a solid answer to this question is to ask your dentist after the initial consultation.

Can I drink with invisible aligners in?

When you wear clear aligners, it is advised that you only consume water; any other drinks such as coffee, tea or alcohol will require you to remove them.

This is for a myriad of reasons; the first is to reduce the accumulation of plaque and bacteria underneath the aligner, which can reduce decay. The second is to reduce staining that may occur as coffee and tea contain tannins that can create a yellow-brown stain on the aligners (not great for discretion!). And thirdly, if you drink hot beverages with a plastic aligner in your mouth, you run the risk of melting it!

So, only drink cold or tepid water when wearing an invisible aligner.

Are invisible aligners worth it?

clear aligners

Many patients say that they are!

With the accelerated treatment time, discretion and a higher level of comfort, invisible aligners have certainly carved a niche for themselves, with both adult and teenage patients reviewing them very highly.

But remember, invisible aligners may sometimes not be suited to your particular orthodontic issue. And whilst it can be tempting to order an invisible aligner online, it is always best to seek out the advice of a dental professional before undertaking this treatment.


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