Different Winter Jackets For Your Kids


Winter is truly here. One way to fight off the cold weather is to put on a jacket. Bundle your kids in the right jacket to keep them comfortably warm.

Here’s what you should consider before buying a new jacket for your child.

Features to Consider when Buying Jackets

There are many features to consider when you choose a jacket for your children.

  • Length – a longer jacket can trap more warmth so consider a hip-length jacket.
  • Hood type – jackets for children usually have elastic bands instead of drawstrings for safety purposes. Drawstrings can be a choking hazard for young children. Some jackets also have detachable hoods as an added feature.
  • Closures – as stated above, elastic is a safer and simpler item for children’s clothing. Also, you’ll want something that your children can manipulate by themselves, without your help.
  • Material – winter can be chilly from snow or wind so consider how much warmth or insulation the material of the jacket will provide.
  • Adjustable features – children grow up fast so many jackets now have options to extend the sleeves and adjust the waistbands.
  • Attachments – since kids are great at losing gloves or mittens, some jackets now have glove/mitten attachments.

Types of jackets

Here are several types of jackets, with their pros and cons.

Insulated jackets

There are two types of insulation for this type of jackets: down and synthetic.

The first type contains natural duck or goose down feathers, which make for a lightweight but very warm jacket. Although, you have to find a jacket that has water-resistant down if you live in an area that has a lot of rain. Regular down will not provide warmth if it’s wet.

Meanwhile, the latter type contains insulation made from different synthetic materials, mostly polyester fiber.

Experts from Spyder say that synthetic insulation can be a good but more affordable alternative to down. A boy’s jacket made from PrimaLoft insulation (a brand considered as a leader in synthetic insulation) is water-resistant, lightweight, breathable, easy to pack, and retains heat as efficiently as a down jacket.

Under insulated jackets, you’ll find snow jackets. These are specifically designed for snow-related activities. Many of these have special features like goggle pockets or removable hoods.

Fleece jackets

A jacket made from fleece is soft and affordable. But it doesn’t trap heat as much as an insulated jacket. It’s also not water-resistant. So, if you live in a rainy or snowy area, you might want to give your kid another layer against the chill of the wind or the wetness of rain.

Rain jackets

rain coat

Although insulated jackets are water-resistant, your children will still need fully waterproof rain gear for protection against heavy rain. Also, a rain jacket is a good outer layer addition to a fleece jacket. It can protect your children not just against rain, but against the wind as well.

Final advice from experts is to always keep in mind style and functionality. For example, if you have active boys, buy boys jackets that are less bulky. But if your boys are not active, consider buying jackets that provide maximum protection against winter’s harsh winds and cold.


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