Design Concepts to Adopt to Make Your Home Regal-Looking

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The past years have seen a rise in minimalist, industrial, and Zen home decors. Now that 2019 is about to close, don’t we wish to see something different in the interior design and decorating scene next year?

If you want to unleash your creativity and exit the year boldly, try transforming your home into a regal-looking abode. Ditch the neutrals, airy furniture, and too-simple light fixtures. Instead, fill your sitting room with cozy chaise ottomans and vibrantly-coloured rugs, and invest in other home decors with more personality. If you think about it, your home will be more personalized and unique if you don’t always go with what’s trendy.

That said, here are three design concepts you can adopt to make a royal-themed home:

1. Maximalism

If we’re talking about royal homes, we can imagine over-the-top decor, ornate furniture, and loads of opulent home accessories. In minimalism, the exact opposite of maximalism, those types of items do not have a place; therefore, consider going maximalist if you want a royal-inspired home design.

But first things first, don’t misunderstand maximalism as a design concept that encourages unnecessary clutter. The actual principle of maximalism is repetitive patterns, bold and vibrant colours, intricate details, and unique possessions. Classic English home interiors actually consist of maximalist-style ornate pieces, but the incorporation of bolder colours has turned it into a more modern design concept.

Interior designer Nicole Alexander suggests that combining rugs, wallpapers, paintings, and photographs is a good way to start in maximalism. Furniture should be in different patterns and colours as well.

It’s recommended to start slow when adopting this concept because you may end up over-accessorising. Start by piling up books in a shelf, using animal prints, putting throw pillows all over the floor, and displaying items with sentimental value.

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2. Mid-Century-Inspired Lighting

The 1940’s style of lighting is still widely used today, and they’re perfectly suitable for a royal-inspired home. Consider retro industrial-style lighting, which can complement a maximalist space. Modern pendant lights are also great choices, as well as retro hourglass chandeliers. Both may be at the simpler side, but they make the home’s design and decor stand out even more.

Globe pendant lights also work perfectly since curves and clean lines were the trends back in the mid-century era. But if you want something bolder, consider a brass overarching floor lamp. The ones with a domed top can also mimic the mid-century staple home decors.

And of course, if you’re going for a truly royal theme, you’d never go wrong with the classic crystal chandelier. It blends with ornate furniture and metallic decor, and it’s just undeniably majestic.

3. Gilded Mouldings

Touches of gold are a staple in royal homes and the best thing about it is that you don’t have to spend a ton for golden decor if you’re resourceful.

A trip to the art supplies shop can get you everything you need: a gold leaf paint, paintbrushes, and a painter’s tape. Paint a thin strip of gold under your mouldings using a painter’s tape to keep the edges straight and clean. Business cards can actually be a substitute for a painter’s tape, so if you have ones to spare, you’d even spend less money. 

Apart from your mouldings, you can also give your mirror and picture frames the “Midas Touch”, or simply buy affordable ones from local shops.

By applying these three design concepts to your remodeling project, you can have a place with a regal appeal and you can invent your own definition of living like royalty.


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