Decorate for Wellness: Making Your Home Healthy for the Mind

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Mental health has been a hot topic among young professionals for years. To others, it’s the nature of their work that triggers depression. Some claim it’s their very workplace that amplifies their anxiety. The focus often seems to be related to the environment outside, not the one you go home to at the end of the day.

Your home, may it be a two-story house or a simple apartment in the city, affects your mental health, too. It’s supposed to be your place of rest, but how do you expect it to be that while looking the way it does now?

Instead of spending on vacations to unwind, consider giving your home a makeover. It’s a worthy investment that, if done right, can lead to happier and more relaxing times away from work.

Redecorate Wisely

It doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Making your home pleasing to the eyes only takes good research and the right resources. With so many interior design experts giving away free tips online, it’s easy to transform a boring room into a relaxing place to lounge.

A quick tour of your house should give you an idea of what needs refurbishing. Perhaps it’s your low-lying ceiling or the gloomy color of your walls. A dash of new paint and a couple of mirrors can give the illusion of a bigger space. Artistic people can try wallpaper murals and lighting that accents their favorite nook.

A relaxing place looks different to many people. Once you’ve accomplished what yours look like, though, you may soon realize redecorating isn’t enough.

Reorganize Everything

Clutter affects the mind in terrible ways. Walking into a room littered with dirty laundry and an unmade bed can trigger anxiety. They can cause your brain to react to unnecessary stimuli and make you feel guilty for not cleaning. Resting also becomes impossible when there’s a constant reminder of your ever-growing to-do list.

Consider your storage places when redecorating. Staying organized can be frustrating when there’s no proper place to put your shoe collection or all the bags you can’t stop buying.

Putting off tasks like washing the dishes or making the bed is a bad habit you need to break, too. Tasks that pile-up can leave you feeling overwhelmed. So, before laziness gets the better of you, finish the chore. When you discipline yourself to do this, you’ll enter a routine that your future self will be grateful for.

Is reorganizing more difficult than you expect? Maybe you need to let some of your things go.

Resist Hoarding

Hoarding poses a huge problem for people wanting to make their homes conducive for good mental health. If you notice that you can’t resist sales and keeping unimportant things, you might find it harder than most to stay organized. It’s not only about buying enough drawers or making use of secret compartments. Your hoarded belongings eat up functional living space.

Breaking free from this behavior doesn’t mean you should throw everything away all at once. Start slowly, and make sure to move at your own pace. Reflect on whether certain items do have sentimental value or can be useful in the future. If you have doubts, let them go. Redecorating and reorganizing can only do so much to help you if you end up filling your house with rubbish.

Recapture Peace

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You may have little say on your work environment, but you do have control over the ambiance of your house. All the money and time you’ll spend turning it into a haven is an investment to a healthier mind. Who knows? This little change could make all the difference in your life.


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