Clumsy Mistakes Every Groom Should Never Be Caught Doing

groom and his groomsmen

One of the most common mistakes every groom-to-be makes is thinking that it is the bride’s duty to plan the wedding. As early as now, know that you should split the responsibility of preparing for the wedding. Besides, your part does not end after popping the big question and paying for the wedding.

Most people think that the most part grooms partake is spending time with their groomsmen to celebrate the big day. But you are still expected to make important decisions concerning your wedding. To help you prepare better for your wedding, here are things that you as the groom should avoid doing:

Inviting everyone to attend your wedding

It is only normal to feel extremely excited after receiving the sweet yes from your special someone. But no matter how proud you are for finally getting engaged, now is not the time to invite just about everyone to your wedding. Think about your bride-to-be’s feelings as well as your possible wedding budget. You don’t want to end up having more guests than your reception and catering and your budget can accommodate.

Leaving all the wedding preparations to your family members

Do you have a family member who is eager to make demands when it comes to your wedding? Your bride-to-be may be happy to get all the help you can get, but you should still make an effort to help in the preparations. One good recipe for a wedding disaster is letting a too-eager family member plan your wedding. Know that what you and your wife want should be prioritized above everything else.

Preparing yourself a little bit too late

Your bride and entourage are not the only ones who need to prepare for the wedding. Even the groom needs to make the necessary preparations to look their best on the big day. So make sure that you get your wedding suit tailored weeks before and think about how you want to look like on the big day. Give yourself a makeover. Choose one of those great men’s haircuts in Orem so that you can be a dashing groom on your wedding day.

Obsessing over every detail

couple choosing ringsWe have heard of stories where the bride-to-be transforms into a bridezilla even months before the wedding day. But did you know that the brides are not the only ones guilty of having such a monster-like obsession? If you can’t help wanting everything to be perfect by obsessing over every detail, then you are indeed a “groomzilla.” Give yourself a break, talk to your bride-to-be, and look back on the main reason you wanted this wedding to happen.

Not avoiding tear-triggers

There are lots of things that can happen that can lead to your bride tearing up. But if you intend to do something that will make her cry anything but tears of joy, don’t do it. For instance, putting up a fight or talking to your ex or anyone she could be jealous of. Even joking on your wedding day by being a naughty boy at your bachelor’s party or putting cake on your bride’s face is a big no-no. No matter how fun it can be or how good of prank it is, your bride will not appreciate you making her cry on, before, or after your wedding.

Some grooms are too involved in their wedding preparations, while others not so much. This is your wedding, and you asked your bride to marry you. Do your part and be the groom your bride deserves by not making these mistakes.


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