Choosing Outdoor Signage for Your Business: Key Ideas to Consider

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Business is always cut-throat. You’ve got to make the first move. You’ve got to make the big move. You’ve got to reach for the sky to make your presence known the way those golden arches dominate the skies the world over. If you want to build your brand and get noticed immediately, your outdoor signage matters.

Whether you’re putting up signs by your window display or atop the roof of your home, your business signage should have an impact. If you do install on your roof, make sure that you have the permit and that your newly installed seamless gutters won’t be damaged.

Companies need to grab attention to attract customers. One of the ways to do that is to put up attractive and creative outdoor signage. If you’re starting your own business and you’ve set aside a few dollars on outdoor signage, the following discussion will guide you.

Proper Signage and Key Requirements

Flyers serve a purpose, but they will run out. A 15-second spot on the radio will have limited airtime and be costly. If you want an advertisement that speaks persuasively to your customers for a long time, your outdoor signage is the best and cheapest way to let people know about your brand and your company. Your outdoor sign is the one that will create a lasting impression. It should be creative and eye-catching.

Choice of color, use of lights, and size all matter when it comes to outdoor signage.

Let Your Signage Do the Talking

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Marketing and advertising have shifted slowly to the digital platform. But nothing speaks volumes about your brand than a good outdoor sign. Here are a few things you should know when putting one up for your small business:

  1. Visibility over a distance. You only have a few seconds to get the attention of passersby. The estimate is that it’s between 3.5 to 5 seconds. Explore graphical images only or letters only or a combination of both. Identify one which is the most eye-catching. Size matters, so for every 10 feet, the size of your letters from the top to the bottom should be at least 12 inches.
  2. Own your colors. When you think of Shell gasoline, yellow and red colors immediately come to mind. A study suggests that brands are recognized primarily because of color. Make sure that the color that you choose will be something that’s going to represent your brand for a long time.
  3. Select fonts wisely. Nothing matters more in printed text than a font or a typeface, whether you’re reading a book in paperback or an ad on a 30-foot billboard. Pick those that will go well with your image and color and one that won’t strain the eyes. Fonts with elaborate ascenders, bowls, and finials might disappear in the background or muddle your text.
  4. Personalize your message. Using “you” or “yours” is a great way to personalize your message and to connect with your customers. Messages, like “Your trusted auto-insurer for 50 years!” or “Manage your finance with FinExpress!” help customers imagine how they will use your product or services.

You’ll have to think of the materials you are going to use—acrylic or bronze, with light or without light. Select one that will last for a long time. There are a few more considerations, but these core concepts will set you in the right direction.


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