Bringing Your Personality to Your Home

bedroom in modern interior

A home becomes interesting when the owner’s personality is reflected in it. There is also joy for them to live in a space that they are comfortable with. Do you find your home to be a little bit too generic? Read on for some tips that can help you bring out your personality in your home.

Combine Functionality and Character

Your furniture should not be for function alone. You can play with your choice of furniture to show your character. For example, are you a laid-back person who loves comfort? Instead of a generic couch or seat, try having a stylish hanging porch chair swing. Add some blankets and pillows to it for good measure.

This piece of furniture is not for the design alone but also for comfort. It offers your back great support. Moreover, it is a variation to the traditional seat. This might even be a great conversation piece among you and your guests.

Color It Up

One of the easiest ways to make a distinct mark to your home is by using your favorite color. You can blend it with other colors or use it on its own. Paint your walls with it or buy stuff in this color.

If you do not want your house to be dominated with your favorite color, you can make it pop instead. Make everything in neutral colors. Then, choose pieces such as a chair, a curtain, or throw pillows with that noticeable color.

Create a Statement with Art

Art is diverse and has many forms; it is a perfect way to show one’s personality. You can put some artwork along one wall. You can also choose some sculptures that interest you around your home. Even a certain wallpaper pattern is an art form.

Make your house unique by putting art that reflects your character. It does not need to be expensive, as there are many wonderful items you can find in thrift shops. You can even display your artwork if you like.

Celebrate Your Memories

Nothing will spell your personality better than your memories. Choose good photos and equally good frames. Have fun hanging them on the walls as you relive the memories you had during those times. Your house guests will have fun looking at them. But you must balance how much you display. Do not overload because people may feel intimidated by it. They will feel like they are overstepping on personal space. Choose photographs that have good stories behind them.

You can also put memorabilia in shadow boxes or open cabinets. Each souvenir will become a good conversation piece as well. Be sure to pick unique ones to make it more interesting.

Captivate with Lights

modern living room with wood flooring

Do you know that something as simple as lights can tell something about the owner of a house? Some like bright lights, while others prefer subdued ones.

Light fixtures can also serve as clues to the personality of homeowners. Elegant people may prefer chandeliers to hang on their ceilings. Artistic or whimsical ones may go for vintage lamps. Some choose pendant lights for a modern and clean touch. You can even go as far as having floor lights for fun.

Decorating a house according to your taste and personality is a fun process. Let your creative juices flow and produce a home that is uniquely you.


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