A Wedding for the Ages: How to Make Your Day Memorable


The wedding ceremony is the culmination of a couple’s love for each other. It can be extravagant or modest. Either way, its meaning is unquantifiable. The union is usually represented by some accessories, the primary one being the ring.

There are many types of wedding bands. One of them is the micro pave wedding band, yellow gold being one of its most popular colors. It is understated yet elegant, and it would always warrant a second look. How it looks from afar belies its true value.

Set your eyes close to it, and you will see a set of diamonds arranged closely together. This type of ring will be one of the most-remembered things seen at a wedding. How about you; what sticks out to you after witnessing one?


These are made precisely as a memento of the ceremony. As the guests receive these, it is like bringing a piece of the newly wedded couple with them. These can be simple trinkets such as little porcelain figurines. Some go for the custom route. This allows them to add much more of their personalities to the items.

For example, they can make mix CDs of their favorite songs. Anyone who listens would get to analyze and decipher the selection of songs. Hearing one of the songs elsewhere should instantly trigger a memory of the couple.

bride with the wedding planner


After the wedding ceremony is done, what comes next is a gathering and celebration of the new union. The venue is a big factor. If it makes a good impression on the guests, they will most likely remember it for their whole lives. But the nicest venues can be rather expensive, so some would opt for somewhere more economical. That is okay; the guests will still be in for a good time. That is something that could make any event memorable.

Everyone will partake in good food and enjoy each other’s company while reminiscing about how they know the newlyweds. There could be some games and other fun activities, too. These usually poke light-hearted fun at the couple, as well as some bachelors and bachelorettes. People just have a blast looking at the single ladies who scramble to catch a bouquet of flowers.

Bridal Gown

While a wedding highlights two people, there is no doubt that it is an important life event for the bride. Many ladies aspire to have a ceremony of their own. And what better way to showcase their beauty than by being wrapped in a beautiful gown.

Choosing one is itself a rigorous process. It is a dress that a lady would get to wear hopefully once in her lifetime, so she has to make sure that her heart is into it. As she walks down the aisle, all eyes will be on her. And when all of the guests head back to their homes, one of the things that will surely float in their minds is how beautiful the bride looked on her special day.

Of course, if you are a close friend of the couple, what you will also remember is the times you have spent together. That is the most special thing you can have from them, and you will always keep that with you.


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