6 Tips to Beautify Your Garden

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Having a beautiful garden takes more than just gardening skills; you also need to have an eye for style and flair. But if you’re not great at designing or decorating exterior spaces, here are some tips that should help jog your creative juices:

1. Lay down a pathway

Lay down a path through your garden with cobble rock, crushed rock, or any other type of material from a reputable rock and gravel supplier in Utah. Aside from beautifying your garden and guiding visitors through the space, having a pathway will help keep your plants and grass safe from people’s footsteps.

2. Repurpose old stuff

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to decorate your garden! Instead of hitting up the gardening store, take a look around your attic or basement to see if there are old stuff you can repurpose. For instance, an old end table or ladder can serve as a shelf for plants. A broken dresser can serve as a statement piece if you let vines or plants grow through the drawer holes. And if you need new planters, you can use almost anything with a hollow inside, like tires, toilet bowls, wooden boxes, and buckets.

3. Spruce up your entrance

Make the best first impression on your guests with a beautiful entranceway for your garden. To spruce up your entranceway, try growing vines, evergreen, and other types of low-maintenance plants on your fence and archway. You can also add color and character by placing vases on either side of the gate and planting flowers along the fence line.

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4. Hang ornaments

Almost anything can serve as a garden ornament, depending on the theme or motif you want. For example, if you want to achieve a rustic, barnyard theme, you can opt to hang old lamps on the trees and set up old barrels for decor. On the other hand, if you want to go with a vintage Victorian aesthetic, look for stone birdbaths you can use as a centerpiece or set up a wrought iron fence for the perimeter of your garden.

5. Choose the right furnishings

When looking for outdoor furnishings for your garden living space, make sure they match your garden’s current theme. For instance, if you’re going for a country vibe, choose wooden furnishings that have a slightly distressed look. But if you want your garden to be more contemporary, look for furniture that has modern designs and light, clean colors.

6. Beautify with lights

If you want your garden to look good at night, too, spruce it up with lighting that serves to illuminate the garden and set the mood at the same time. Try hanging lamps or fairy lights on trees for an ethereal look. If you want to enjoy walking through your garden after dark, set up lots of outdoor lights along your pathway and in the corners of your garden.

Beautifying your garden doesn’t have to be very expensive. With these tips, you can improve the look of your garden even if you have little to no decorating skills under your belt.


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