3 Suggestions for Making a Loved One’s Birthday Special


It’s only once a year that we celebrate our respective birthdays, and naturally, we all want to feel special on our day. We want others to make us feel special by remembering to greet us through phone calls, text messages, social media posts, or birthday cards on our special day.

But let’s forget about ourselves for a moment and think of how we can make others feel special on their birthdays instead. Be it for a family member, friend, or significant other, here are three things you can do to make your loved ones feel truly special on their day.

Throw a surprise party

A party is still one of the best ways to celebrate a birthday, and when it’s a surprise, the event becomes even more memorable. For your loved one, you can go all-out and plan something big – with a rented venue decked out with birthday décor, catered food, a hundred guests, and the works.

Or you can opt for a more intimate celebration at home with just the closest family and friends. The simple celebration can be a potluck, and guests can bring food like pasta, salad, sandwiches, beverages and the like to share.

If you’re taking care of the cake, you can even get a gourmet birthday cake like those in Sterling Heights for the special occasion. Big or small, the important thing is no one lets it slip that you’re planning a surprise party!

Give an extraordinary gift

birthday party

For sure, your loved one will receive a lot of birthday presents, so make sure yours stand out above the rest. One way to do this is by getting your loved one something special. You can, for example, buy your mom a nice piece of jewelry like a necklace.

For your dad, a putter to add to his golf club set is a great gift suggestion. Sometimes, however, a present becomes even more special if you made it yourself. If your friend has a sweet tooth, for instance, why not bake him or her chocolate chip cookies or red velvet cupcakes?

Or you can make a scrapbook containing photos and items that represent important milestones in your relationship for your significant other.

Go on a memorable trip

Going somewhere for pleasure is always an exciting experience and can be a great way to celebrate one’s birthday. Of course, anyone would love an all-expenses-paid overseas vacation or cruise as a birthday present.

Or it can be as simple as a day trip to a newly opened art museum in a neighboring city if your loved one is an art lover. For adventure seekers, you can take them on a camping or fishing trip to make their day. When planning the trip, just try to make sure that the destination will offer new sights and experiences for the birthday boy or girl.

Our loved ones only celebrate their birthdays once a year, so we should make it a point to make them feel truly special on their day. And we can accomplish this by throwing them a surprise party, giving them an extraordinary gift, or going on a memorable trip with them to celebrate their special day.


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